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Mobile Web or Mobile App?

The answer is both.



People with smartphones and tablets spend 87% of their time in apps and only 13% on mobile websites.



Apps convert purchase interest to sales 120% better than mobile web.



App users are more loyal customers, 4x more likely to buy via an app than a mobile browser.

Power Exponential Growth

Raise the collective tides of social, loyalty, personalization and mobility.


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Accenture reports members of loyalty programs generate 12-18% more revenue than non-members per year.


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Mobile Commerce

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Mobile redefines how wineries connect and interact with club members and fans.

The wine industry needs a mobile solution that provides wineries support for their entire B2C ecosystem, including mobile 
marketing, wine clubs and loyalty—all while leveraging mobile efficiency from push notifications to Apple Pay.

ProofLoyalty provides a white label, native app platform 
built on top of an m-commerce engine able to fully support all wineries, independent of their e-commerce partner.