About ProofLoyalty

Saving the planet while drinking fine wine? It's possible with ProofLoyalty's Live Well Do Good Membership program. 

ProofLoyalty is a purpose-driven luxury lifestyle platform that funds causes through wine sales.


We work directly with wineries and select wine consultants, enabling us to provide access to allocated, reserve and library wines. Our premium hotel offers, curated tastings, private events, and lifestyle partnerships are hand-picked for our members. You won't find our exclusive catalogue anywhere else.


  • ProofLoyalty is committed to Doing Good While Living Well

  • We subscribe to the Net Positive business model with the goal of having a meaningful impact on the environment and other worthy causes through thoughtful partnerships and targeted funding of select programs.

  • ProofLoyalty is committed to contributing 10% of membership revenues to vetted organizations working on worthy causes.


Our members are our focus. We are committed to curating a selection of quality wines at a range of price points for all consumers, from casual wine drinkers to serious collectors. Whatever your pleasure, we will do our best to deliver what you are looking for, whether you know what it is or not. 

(The Good) Life is a Journey – Make it Memorable

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