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Skipstone’s critically acclaimed Bordeaux Blends are crafted from their stunning hillside estate by world-renowned winemaker Philippe Melka

As a ProofLoyalty insider, you are invited to a VIP private wine and vineyard experience at Skipstone. Insider access provides you a tour through Skipstone’s private estate vineyards, orchards and culinary gardens, and tasting of their critically acclaimed, exclusive wines, generally available only to their members and allocation list. 

Contact us at info@proofloyalty.com or (415) 297-0084 if you have any questions or if you are interested in private events, virtual tastings or visiting our winery partners. 

Skipstone Wines


We are storytellers. Our wine portfolio is meant to represent the inherent diversity and unique character of our extraordinary vineyard site. From our treasured Viognier to our magnificent Bordeaux varietals, this land allows us to create wines that are distinctive, elegant and captivating… telling of an ongoing chronicle of vintage, character and place.

An exquisite site of unmatched beauty, the Skipstone vineyard sits like an amphitheater carved into a horseshoe-shaped mountain hidden high above Alexander Valley. Sometimes, very rarely, you come across the total package — beauty, substance and soul.

We aspire to perfection in every aspect of our wine growing and estate farming, drawing inspiration from the unparalleled potential and promise of the earth. Uncompromising in our standards of sustainability and treatment of the land, we are committed to nurturing the precious resource that is our 200 acre estate. Blessed by nature, we listen intently to the terroir of our vineyards, and in turn, our wines speak eloquently of their origin.

Welcome to Skipstone.

Fahri & Constance Diner


To Constance and Fahri, Skipstone is more than a winegrowing estate — it is a devoted partnership with the earth.

A native of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Fahri speculates that an affinity for the land may be in his blood. Blessed with tranquil olive groves and idyllic Mediterranean sunshine reminiscent of his birthplace, Skipstone inspires in Fahri an instinctive connection to the property. Fahri’s years as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist have given him a striking ability to envision the potential of a property like Skipstone. He believes passionately in Skipstone’s mission to produce wines that rival the quality and artistry of California’s most highly regarded wine estates.

Philippe Melka


Philippe spent much of his early life in Bordeaux, receiving his geology degree in 1989 from the University of Bordeaux. In his final year of study, he took a wine course out of sheer curiosity, and from that moment on realized his passion — and future — lay with wine.

In 1991, Philippe earned his master’s degree in agronomy and enology under the direction of Professor Sequin, a renowned terroir specialist. Fascinated by the relationship between soil and wine quality, Philippe’s appreciation of this profound connection continues to this day and is reflected in his commitment to honor, above all else, the terroir of Skipstone’s vineyards.